Grosvenor House hosted the first successful wellbeing workshop for the Basingstoke community

Grosvenor House hosted the first successful wellbeing workshop for the Basingstoke community

Grosvenor House in Basingstoke hosted a successful first wellbeing workshop this week. 

Arena Offices invited nutritionist Layla Gordon and travel counsellor Ally Case to talk about all things wellbeing. Arena’s marketing director Helen Deverill regarded the wellbeing workshop as a triumph that brought the “community together.” 

First to present was Ally Case from Travel Counsellors based in Bournemouth. She discussed the importance of taking time off work and going on holidays that prioritise your wellbeing and mental health. Ally explained how ‘phone-free’ holidays have been increasing in popularity. Travel Counsellors specialise in creating bespoke and stress-free holidays. 

Nutritionist, Layla Gordon provided some food for thought about the importance of cutting out ultra-processed foods from your diet and replacing them with foods that will leave you feeling energised and motivated throughout your working day. Not only did she discuss this, but she also mentioned the importance of sleep and how a lack of sleep can affect you throughout the day.

Layla also came to the wellbeing workshop armed with a supply of healthy soft drink alternatives called Fhirst that were handed out to all who attended. 

Fhirst is one of the only all-natural living gut sodas made with all-natural ingredients of its kind. The drink contains 2 billion stable live probiotic cultures and 5g prebiotic fibre, with no sugar or sweeteners, which is backed by science. The brand also donates one per cent of its turnover to biodiversity projects and works with SUGi to achieve this.

Helen Deverill said: “The workshop was a great way for local businesses to come together to discuss such important matters as employee’s wellbeing.” 

Delicious pastries and fruit were also on offer for those who attended and provided a great talking point for those attending the wellness workshop. 

The wellbeing workshop was open to those working in Arena offices across the 11 locations as well as the general public.


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