Working Out The Cost of Renting Office Space

Working Out The Cost of Renting Office Space

The current business climate has seen an increasing popularity and desire for collaborative workspaces that allow employees to thrive and businesses to excel.

There are numerous benefits of serviced offices, not least as a place where you can stay connected to clients and access a skilled workforce, with many aspects contributing to the success and impact an office space has on an organisation. It’s vital to ensure the location of your office is perfect, delivering a professional address that puts your business on the map.

In this article, we cover the benefits of serviced offices, looking at the cost of a serviced office space, which generally includes most associated costs rather than just office rent.

The Benefits of Serviced Offices:

Below are the top advantages of serviced workplaces compared to traditional offices, covering all aspects to consider when looking for a new office location. Additionally, if you want more information about our locations, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

01. Cost savings

Serviced offices offer an all-inclusive pricing model, with minimal capital expenditure required, reducing overall costs, including cost certainty with utilities and building improvements/repairs included.

At Arena, we have adopted a transparent pricing model, meaning that there are no hidden costs, and we have worked tirelessly to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible, allowing us to look after our community and help multiple businesses succeed.

02. Turn-key Solution  

All necessary services and amenities are provided at Arena Offices, including IT, desks, parking, tea & coffee, cleaning, utilities & a lovely on-site centre team. 

Furthermore, our office managers and team members are always on hand to answer any questions, solve issues, and keep our centres looking professional.

03. Flexibility  

The third benefit of serviced offices is the flexible terms available and the ability to scale up or down space as needed on short notice. A serviced office will cater to the needs of your business, which is increasingly important in the constantly changing and developing business environment.

04. Professional Image

Moving to Arena serviced offices enhances a business’s brand reputation with a polished and professional space. We have worked in conjunction with our in-house office interior design team to ensure all of our locations deliver a modern, premium and sophisticated look, ensuring each centre includes the latest technologies, collaborative working features, and much more.

Additionally, you have the ability to customise your office space and make it your own, allowing you to convey your branding and showcase your messaging to employees, potential new hires, and clients.

05. Networking

Across all of our serviced office locations, we have built vibrant communities of professional and aspiring businesses, giving you access to professional networks from the diverse range of businesses occupying our centres.

These business communities and environments offer the potential for collaboration and growth through connecting over coffee.

06. Reduced downtime

The next benefit of a serviced office compared to a more traditional workplace is the speed and instant access available to you. There is no set-up wait time and quick move-in dates, enabling businesses to get to work immediately.

At Arena, we have desks from 2 to 200 available, meaning we will have the perfect solution for your organisation. We aim to take the stress and hassle out of moving offices, which is aided by the reduced downtime our offices provide.

07. Pay for what you need

Only pay for the space you use, with access to breakout areas, kitchens, showers and pay as you use meeting rooms.

The facilities at our offices are available for the use of Arena clients only, including some of the latest business and meeting technology, carefully crafted collaboration areas, and a variety of bespoke workspaces.

08. Infrastructure

Ready-to-use infrastructure: Serviced offices come fully equipped with IT and office furniture, reducing the need for additional investment.

One of the main benefits of serviced offices, closely linked to reduced downtimes, is the ability to access a pre-built business infrastructure. At Arena, we have built a comprehensive infrastructure to help our clients get started straight away and focus on their business objectives.

09. Prime Locations

Arena Offices are located in central business districts, providing easy access and a professional image. We have carefully planned where we open our facilities, ensuring they are accessible, within striving business environments and provide a great first impression for visitors or potential clients.

Whether you’re looking at our Basing View office in Basingstoke or The Riverside in Camberley, you will be blown away by the immaculate and modern facilities Arena offers.

10. Administrative

Reduced administrative burden: With facilities management and maintenance handled by Arena, businesses can focus on their core activities without being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Now that we have discussed the top 10 benefits of serviced offices and outlined the advantages they provide over traditional office spaces – hopefully, you have a better understanding of how we have helped numerous businesses succeed since opening our first location.

For more information on our locations, do not hesitate to contact our team or to view an Arena Office, book a tour with the team today!

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