Working Out The Cost of Renting Office Space

Working Out The Cost of Renting Office Space

During the pandemic, it felt like it could have been the end of office life as we knew it but office demand has bounced back. This is not because they are the only place for people to do their work, but because people want to reunite, collaborate and delineate their homelife again.

An office space has many benefits not least as a place where you can stay connected to clients and access a skilled workforce. Being in a key office location where there are office spaces to rent, delivers a professional address that puts your business on the map.

Looking at the cost of serviced office space, it generally includes most of the associated costs, rather than just office rent.

Take a look below at some of the benefits of serviced offices, to help compare against traditional offices.

01 Cost savings

Serviced offices offer an all-inclusive pricing model, with minimal capital expenditure required, reducing overall costs. Cost certainty with utilities and building improvements/repairs included.

02 Turn-key Solution  

All necessary services and amenities are provided. At Arena Offices this includes IT, desks, parking, tea & coffee, cleaning, utilities & a lovely on-site centre team.

03 Flexibility  

Serviced offices offer flexible terms and the ability to scale up or down space as needed on short notice.

04 Professional Image

Moving to Arena serviced offices enhances a business’s brand reputation with a polished and professional office space.

05 Networking

Access to professional networks with a diverse range of businesses occupying serviced offices, there is potential for collaboration and growth through connecting over coffee.

06 Reduced downtime

No set-up wait time and quick move-in enables businesses to get to work immediately.

07 Pay for what you need

Only pay for the space you use, with access to breakout areas, kitchen, showers and pay as you use meeting rooms.

08 Infrastructure

Ready-to-use infrastructure: Serviced offices come fully equipped with IT and office furniture, reducing the need for additional investment.

09 Prime Locations

Arena Offices are located in central business districts, providing easy access and a professional image.

10 Administrative

Reduced administrative burden: With facilities management and maintenance handled by Arena, businesses can focus on their core activities without being bogged down by administrative tasks.

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