How Serviced Office Space Can Boost Your Business

How Serviced Office Space Can Boost Your Business

The way we work is changing. For many years, traditional leased office space was the only real option for companies looking to establish or maintain a professional presence (other than purchasing a property outright, which would be prohibitively costly for most businesses). However, with serviced offices and business centres now providing a competitive alternative to traditional space, modern businesses have more choice regarding their premises than ever before.


Serviced space isn’t just for small businesses either. In fact, recent research indicates that 75% of the FTSE 100 have serviced space as part of their portfolio – and with a host of major advantages to this type of workspace, it is easy to see why. Take a look below to see our top five reasons to opt for serviced space:


One of the key advantages of choosing serviced space lies in the cost-saving opportunities that it presents. With no need to conduct building surveys or instruct conveyancers, serviced space negates the necessity of a large capital outlay before occupancy. Equally, with most serviced offices providing communal kitchens, washrooms, seating areas, meeting rooms and reception areas for the use of all residents, you will be able to take advantage of a great many facilities without having to pay for the extra space required to house them.


As well as saving money, serviced space gives the added peace of mind that there will be no surprise invoices for incidentals. Any building repairs, maintenance or utility bills are the responsibility of the serviced office provider and the associated costs are covered by them. Your licence fee will remain the same every month, allowing you to accurately calculate budgets and manage your cash-flow.


With a centre management team taking care of the maintenance of the building, cleaning and other day-to-day administration tasks, your focus can remain firmly fixed on driving your business forward. Here at Arena, our on-site centre management teams also greet visitors, sort post and assist with a myriad of different tasks to support you and your business – no task is too much trouble!


Traditional leased space is typically very restrictive: once the lease is signed for the office it is usually very difficult – if not impossible – to move out of the space and to a larger or smaller office if required. Serviced spaces with flexible contracts allow you the freedom to upsize or downsize as necessary for your business. In the ever-changing world of modern business, this level of flexibility is extremely valuable.


Networking Opportunities
With plenty of thriving businesses working in close proximity to each other, serviced offices are excellent places to network with like-minded individuals. Many of our clients work with their neighbours on various projects and act as suppliers to each other – being based in the same centre makes it very easy to work collaboratively!


Here at Arena, we offer high-quality serviced office space for entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger corporations. With a series of centres located in prestigious locations across the South Coast of England and the M3 corridor, your perfect serviced office solution is just around the corner! 


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