Benefits of a Serviced Office

Benefits of a Serviced Office

A serviced office space is typically purpose-built and designed to suit the standard needs of any business requiring a workspace. Already equipped with phone lines, desks, chairs and necessary amenities, the most obvious benefit of a serviced office is that it is ready for you. Similarly, more and more companies are looking to customise their space and make it bespoke to them. Having the ability to do this within a serviced environment gives companies complete flexibility whilst building a strong corporate identity that fits around the way they work.

Serviced offices are as simple as ‘plug and play’. You will be able to arrive on the first day of your lease and begin business as usual immediately, with very minimal effort and disruption on your part. Your day to day can also continue like this, too. At Arena, front of house teams act as a receptionist for all the businesses in the building, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture

Freedom to be flexible

The peak of the pandemic was extremely hard for everyone, including businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, there is one side effect of the entire period that has completely changed lives: flexible working. 

Businesses are now choosing to rent our offices in Reading and all our locations in the South because they no longer need their own large office. Instead, businesses are deciding to have a hot desking or shared desk model within a serviced office. They can take advantage of break out spaces and meeting rooms, whilst even setting up their own relaxed or formal collaboration spaces or single, private offices to suit their needs. 

Arena provide private offices and customised serviced office space. Their solution enables businesses to work flexibly and control their costs, whilst keeping agile. Minimise business overheads whilst offering the best working environment and attracting the best talent! We believe the corporate world will never be the same or so formal again. 

Access to the best

Serviced offices have become a favourite of entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates alike since the pandemic. This is fuelled by the need to adopt hybrid and flexible working models, but also because they need to be agile. Having the ability to upsize, downzise or move out with ease delivers the right platform for businesses to perform and succeed. At Arena, we offer serviced office spaces from 2 to 200 desks and will always consultatively work to accommodate your needs. 

Companies are choosing serviced offices because of flexibility but also because of opportunity. With a serviced office space you will be surrounded by a business community. Rather than being isolated and confined to the same four walls, these shared and prosperous environments offer so much – both to entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as to junior team members to whom socialising is as important a part of work as the work itself. 

At our spaces, we take care to create collaboration spaces and communal areas that nurture that community. We also host events to bring people together to foster introductions and well, fun. 

It’s the little things like these that are completely taken care of for you that really set serviced offices apart. 

If any of these benefits appeal to you or you want to know more about the serviced offices in your area, get in touch with the team at Arena Business Centres. We’d be more than happy to give you a tour to show you everything we’ve talked about here. 


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