Arena Set to Help Companies Move Teams Back to Flexible Workspaces

Arena Set to Help Companies Move Teams Back to Flexible Workspaces

Over the past 6 months home working has caused many progressive companies to rethink their ways of working, forever. Whilst working from home has exposed many of the downfalls of traditional serviced offices; it has also highlighted the need to gather teams safely together to collaborate, socialise and share their best ideas.

The days of long commutes to spend the day in a dull office contained within four walls are over. The need for innovative and inspiring spaces for teams to do their best work are here to stay.

The Benefit of Innovative Serviced Offices

At Arena, our architect designed offices and interior designed spaces are created to inspire; ensuring an innovative environment that is a pleasure to work in. Now more than ever, Arena are seeing more companies of every size craving the type of flexible workspace .

Forward thinking Arena have looked at how teams work together over the years. They realise users do not want to be sat at their desk 9-5. The result is an environment where workers have freedom and space to move around and work where they choose rather than pinned to one spot. Whether that is being greeted by the Arena team in reception, finding a quiet space in a work pod, hunkering down on a sofa in the business lounge or taking a workbench over coffee; the light filled, safe spaces deliver a vibrancy and positivity to make time in the office count. Their heavy investments into every office location deliver quality, flexible spaces that have changed the way the modern workplace functions.

As the allure of working from home fades many start to feel they are missing out on key conversations, being overlooked or simply feeling isolated from their colleagues. Arena’s workspaces give a lineation between work and home; providing a central hub where the team can talk and reset to truly deliver a healthier work life balance. Over the coming months, companies making smart office moves will see teams that are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, performing better, whilst retaining their best talent.

Helen Deverill, Marketing Director, Arena Business Centres said ‘For many, flexible office space allows a base where companies can push ahead creating a blended way of working that gives the best of both worlds.’

Flexible Workspaces with Arena

To arrange an Arena flexible workspace tour visit or contact us for more information. Choose exceptional serviced offices across Camberley, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Southampton, Fareham, Havant and Dorset.


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