Workplace Resolutions for 2021

Workplace Resolutions for 2021

With the start of a New Year, for many, January is the time to make resolutions and begin the hard journey of changing our routines for the better. Taking time now to reflect on our work habits can help start the year off positively, and ultimately make you healthier, happier and more engaged in the workplace.

10 Workplace Resolutions for 2021 and a Better You

1. Plan the day: Make a list of everything you want to achieve that day, then stick to it. Cross off when you’ve completed the task and look back at the end of the day at your accomplishments. We often focus on what we haven’t done rather than the amazing work we do everyday. Take time to remember it.

2. Focus on the most difficult job first: Leave the easiest to last and do the hardest job first. By proactively not putting it off, you will feel in control and complete more efficiently whilst fresh at the beginning of the day.

3. Connection: As humans we need to feel part of a tribe, if you are starting to think about bringing the team together within safe, flexible workspace, let Arena talk you through the options.

4. Organise: Find your flow and an organisation system that works for you. Then stick to it each day. Mop up the end of each week by running through final actions, next steps and plan for the following week.

5. Mindful Breaks: Taking time away from the desk boosts productivity throughout the day. Arena delivers safe space away from the office to enhance creativity and collaboration, whether that is in work pods, coffee benches or lounge areas. Take time away for those lightbulb moments.

6. Calm Space: Doing our best work can depend on many things but make a start with a clean, fresh, tidy workspace where you feel calm and focused.

7. Positive Solutions: Try January as the month for a negativity detox. If negativity is feeling draining and hard work, then keep positive to create lightness and energy. It will be surprising how much better you feel.

8. Collaborate: Sharing our best ideas, feeling energised and being on the same journey involves the team coming together. For help on how to safely do this within a flexible workspace, speak to Arena.

9. Stay Transparent: Give constructive feedback and actively welcome feedback to create a greater depth and understanding of both you and your team. Awareness brings people closer together.

10. Seize the Day: Go for a run, do some yoga, have a quick blitz around. Starting early frees the day, gets the blood flowing and gives you a head start. Try it tomorrow, you’ll feel energised and in control for the rest of the day.

We hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2021 and your best year yet!


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