Top 10 Tips for a Safe Return to the Office

The mood in the UK feels like it has been lifted in the past week, with renewed optimism and a light at the end of the tunnel. As children are now settling back at school, spring weather is upon us and lockdown restrictions will soon be easing there is new confidence and a strong urge to get back to normal. Over the last few months we have been talking to businesses and helping them plan a safe return to flexible office space. With the exciting prospect of reclaiming back our homes, Arena have created a helpful list of tips for returning back to the office.

  1. Awareness – Ensure your team are aware of your wishes to return to the office and how you plan to proceed with the move.
  2. Covid checklists – Make a checklist to ensure that you are following government guidelines in the office so your team know you are doing everything possible to keep them safe.
  3. Space – Have sufficient space between desks and potentially consider how you can change your office layout with space planning.
  4. Think ahead – Demand for flexible office is high, take time to understand your new requirements and how that looks in your new office. Does the team need rotational and touchdown areas? Are dedicated meeting areas and collaboration space important to your new way of working?
  5. Wellbeing – It is key to focus on your wellbeing as well as others. Take time away from your desk each day to keep you on track.
  6. Collaboration – This is a fantastic time to collaborate face to face with the team again, no more zoom calls!
  7. Support – Give your team the support needed to settle back into their work environment and the new daily routine, whether its coffee and a catch up or just checking in with a friendly face.
  8. Organised – Does the office need a de-clutter or perhaps your calendar needs updating with upcoming events again, being organised will benefit both you and your team. Get ahead of the game.
  9. Home from home – Make your office an enjoyable space to work, find space that can give collaboration areas for a more flexible way of working rather than being fixed to a desk.
  10. Reconnect and re-energise – Enjoy the lineation of working in the office again and the opportunity to re-energise after homeworking fatigue.

For creating offices that prioritise safety, facilitate distancing and allow for flexible work arrangements, speak to the Arena Team and arrange a tour today.


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