The Top Benefits of A Serviced Office

The Top Benefits of A Serviced Office

The environment you work in says a lot about your company and can be a key indicator of the level of service and experience those thinking of working with you will receive, which is why it’s critical to have an impressive space that reflects your company values.

A serviced office can make your business operations as simple as they’ve ever been, whether moving into your first dedicated office space or relocating your team to new premises. A serviced office provides a virtually blank canvas and outstanding facilities, showcasing countless benefits to using a serviced office to home your business.

This article discusses the top benefits of a serviced office and the types of businesses they can help transform, taking processes and operations to the next level. Read on to explore more about our expert insider knowledge and learn about the benefits available to you when housing your company within a serviced office.

Who are serviced offices suitable for?

Serviced offices are the ideal environment for businesses of all kinds, especially those who value flexibility, providing immaculate services and state-of-the-art facilities.

Fast-growing businesses

If your business is taking off and you’ve quickly come to find that your current workspace has become too cramped and is, therefore, hindering your output. A serviced office provides a flexible and quick solution, allowing your business to flourish and continue to reach its full potential.

Entrepreneurs and small teams

Serviced offices are the ideal choice for entrepreneurs and small teams alike, offering flexible contacts and cost-effective solutions that allow your business to find its feet, surrounded by a network of successful and business-minded individuals.

Companies restructuring

Restructuring an entire organisation is a massive task that involves numerous high-profile business decisions to ensure success. A serviced office can help remove the stress and extra work of maintaining an office space and the admin tasks associated with this whilst also providing a base that can grow or shrink with your business and its requirements.

At Arena, we have solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, from the smallest startups to larger enterprises. We have spaces ranging from 2 to 200 desks, allowing us to cater to as many people as possible, delivering an end-to-end service to all our clients, with everyone being treated equally within an Arena office.

The benefits of a serviced office

There are multiple benefits of a serviced office, many of which will help take your organisation to the next level and allow you to focus on the decisions needed to achieve success.

Cost-effective pricing

At Arena, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our pricing is as competitive and transparent as possible. We do not have any hidden costs, so you will be aware of what you are paying for each month, including unlimited access to our immaculate facilities.

Serviced offices are great as they provide added freedom, with short-term and flexible contracts allowing your office space to grow alongside your business and ensuring you aren’t locked into pesky contract agreements.

Prime Locations

Location should be one of the biggest determining factors when choosing where to position your new office. Multiple considerations need to be covered when looking at building locations, including amenities surrounding the location, ease of access, public transport routes, and much more.

All of these factors have been considered in the placement of each Arena centre, with most of our serviced offices being within walking distance of a train station and having plenty of surrounding destinations for company socials, after-work drinks, or client lunches.

Networking opportunities

One of the major benefits of a serviced office, particularly an Arena office, is the networking opportunities provided to you and the vibrant business environment we have built across all our locations.

Our centres are filled with successful, hardworking, and business-centric people, with regular events scheduled to provide an opportunity to network and build strong relationships within the very building you work within.

Premium meeting rooms

As a member of the Arena community, you will gain access to our premium meeting rooms, providing an undisturbed and focused location to host those important internal discussions and client meetings.

We have worked alongside a professional team of office design experts to create the ideal meeting spaces, including the latest meeting technology, adequate space, and temperature-controlled environments.
Additionally, our office spaces are available to be booked by external businesses if you are looking for a premium space to host a meeting or pitch your organisation to potential investors. If you are interested in booking one of our meeting rooms, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

Cleaning and maintenance

As you will notice, when visiting any of our facilities, they are all kept to an immaculate standard, with our team of office managers ensuring a strict cleaning schedule is adhered to. Our bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day, with each office having a dedicated team of cleaners who safely and securely clean each office, ensuring they’re fresh for the morning ahead.

You can save on the money and time organising a cleaning service to go into your office, with all cleaning and maintenance booked by the Arena team.

Outstanding customer service

No ask is too much for our friendly and dedicated teams, with each centre managed by a dedicated office manager. You can be confident that your team, clients, investors, and visitors are greeted with a smile in one of our premium reception areas, with our monitored welcome desks providing outstanding customer service to everyone who walks through our doors.

Immaculate facilities

When working within an Arena office, you will have access to all of our industry-leading facilities, including break-out areas, meeting rooms and more, at no extra cost.
We have worked hard to ensure all our locations boast the most impressive facilities in the industry, working with specialist designers to ensure no stone is left unturned and our clients have the equipment needed to thrive.

Co-working features

As the business ecosystem continues to expand, the ways people complete their work are changing, seeing a rise in co-working and flexible working solutions.

Our offices have been designed to foster a collaborative atmosphere and encourage employee co-working, with multiple break-out areas, private working pods, and seating sections around our centres. The benefits are there to see when allowing employees to spend time away from their desks and clear their heads outside of the office – utilising the space around you at no extra cost can help transform business operations and increase productivity massively.

Why opt for a serviced office?

The benefits of a serviced office mentioned above all become available when opting to work with a trusted and reliable provider like Arena. Working alongside us, you can achieve your business objectives in an environment tailored towards success, networking, and luxury.

We can help you stand out from the competition, helping you attract the best talents and impress new clients through immaculate facilities. Additionally, you can be assured that your wants and needs are met, with our friendly and helpful office management team on hand to assist you in anything you need, with no job being too big or too small.
For more information on our serviced office availability, contact our team today, or learn more about our locations by visiting our website.


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