The Latest Design Project in Arena Southampton Harnesses Safe Working

The Latest Design Project in Arena Southampton Harnesses Safe Working

This month saw the exciting unveiling of a £500K refurbishment project at the Arena offices in Southampton, located within walking distance of Oxford Street.

Working closely throughout lockdown with award winning interior designer, Holmes Interiors, the team fine-tuned every design element to make the workspace’s COVID secure whilst helping clients work flexibly.

Social distanced work pods

A series of pods have been created to ensure these inspiring workspaces are safely and privately divided. With attention to detail in lighting and fabrics they provide time away from the office. They can be used for the day as an alternative to commuting or working from home, giving the functionality of an office whilst making your time away count with minimal distractions.

Spacious reception areas

A safe and warm welcome is hugely important now more than ever. The reception area has been expanded whilst giving a contemporary edge to allow visitors plenty of space; beautiful tiles, a neutral palette and wall art create design features where first impressions count.

Safe business lounges

The adaptable furniture was key in this area and a major factor in determining the style. Each piece is movable, so it can be reconfigured and space planned considerately. These inspiring additional spaces ensure that time away from the office can feel like home, enhance creativity and enable safe collaboration.

Visitor management reception check-in

Visitor management has never been more important when keeping clients safe. Collaborating with app developer MediaBase on the latest upgrade to the reception e-book, the Arena team can scan visitors and allocate a QR code to help contact and tracing.

Minimum touch beverage points

All touch points within the centre have been evaluated and the beverage points are now one touch to operate, so visitors can rehydrate throughout the day with minimal contact.

Centre signage

Signage throughout the centre has been refreshed with consultants to ensure social distancing.

Spacious walkways

To enable improved distancing throughout the centre, spacious walkways and corridors with open plan kitchens have been created to enable better flow.

Sanitised areas

Arena have identified Pasture Naturals as their chosen sanitiser supplier. Made in the UK the products are 100% paraben free and use natural ingredients. With sanitising stations the team can be vigilant in ensuring key areas are given maximum protection.

Clients are at the heart of everything Arena do. By creating a menu of choices that represent a more flexible way of working, Arena Southampton can truly lead the way in delivering the next generation of office space that enables collaboration, creativity and community.


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