The importance of having an office presence

The importance of having an office presence

The importance of having an office presence cannot be overstated. Despite remote working and Artificial Intelligence becoming increasingly present in business environments, the need for a physical office remains important. While technology enables remote communication and collaboration, nothing can replace the value of human connection that face-to-face interactions can provide.

Read on to find out how maintaining an office presence can boost your business.


Having a space where your team can come together in person is vital for maintaining strong relationships and allowing for better communication and collaboration. Being in close proximity with your team allows for spontaneous interactions and idea exchange which is difficult to replicate in virtual settings.

An office presence can also co-exist with the current trend of hybrid working, with members of the team dropping into the space whenever they need or want to. For example, business consultancy ‘IMIG’ offers services around the globe but maintains a central hub at Arena’s Langstone Gate centre in Havant.

IMIG’s transition to Arena has streamlined operations, eliminating the hassle of renting hotel rooms for meetings and workshops, instead fostering a cohesive team environment.

Charlène Frutier, Operations Director at IMIG said, “This space has allowed us to create a professional environment in which we can gather for our team meetings and see each other face-to-face.”

“We are able to host workshops and team meetings in a space that’s got our branding on the walls, which we really enjoy.”

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Having a physical office space provides a wealth of opportunities to host face-to-face meetings with business partners, clients and even potential prospects. While virtual interactions have become more prevalent in today’s digital age, there is no substitute for the personal connection that comes from seeing someone in person, especially when meeting someone for the first time.

Additionally, inviting clients or prospects into an office environment showcases an organisation’s professionalism and culture, and demonstrates the company’s stability and permanence.

Putting your name on the map

Having a physical office location gives your organisation a tangible presence in the local community, and allows for opportunities to establish visibility in the area. A central hub exposes you to a broader audience of potential clients, partners and stakeholders.

Furthermore, having an office presence in a serviced office building offers many advantages, including connecting and networking with other professionals under one roof. Businesses can expand their network and build valuable relationships through casual encounters in communal areas or even formal networking events.

Workshops and events

A physical office serves as a venue for hosting workshops, training sessions, seminars and more. Hosting an internal event for your team or even an external workshop for the public is made hassle-free and cost-effective when you already have access to the space and resources required.

Additionally, hosting events in your office space allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and customisation to meet the specific needs of your team or customers.


A physical office space complements remote work strategies, offering a space for collaboration, creativity and connection that cannot be achieved virtually.

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