How to Prepare for a Safe Office Move

How to Prepare for a Safe Office Move

There are a number of things to consider when making the move to a new office space. Here are our top tips to ensure that your office move goes smoothly and safely.

Make checklists for viewings; Put together a ‘wish list’ of features that you would like your new office to have, and evaluate the spaces that you view alongside your list. Take a list of questions to each viewing and ensure that you address all points with the Centre Manager when visiting the centre.

Safety Measures; Look at the safety measures that are in place within the building and the new working practices in place. Is social distancing promoted? Is there hand sanitiser available? How is cleaning looked after throughout the building? How is track and trace managed with visitors and clients within the building? Has the building been operational throughout and risk assessments kept up to date?

Organise and de-clutter; Once you have decided on the right space for you, it’s time to start organising your move. An office move presents an excellent opportunity to start afresh and de-clutter your working environment. Make a rule to only move paperwork and other items that are truly necessary so that your new office space is organised from the very beginning.

Furniture; A key part of the working environment, furniture is an important consideration when moving office. Look at how the team can work together practicing social distancing. Are you able to obtain space plans to help the team be happy, feel safe and involved. Plan any furniture moves well in advance to avoid any problems with logistics. To avoid the issue of moving furniture altogether, investigate the option of renting workstations in your new accommodation (workstation rental available from £20 per month at Arena Business Centres).

Get creative! With new layouts can the team work in bubbles together from tables or pods as opposed to fixed desks. Is there company signage to promote COVID secure working, so staff feel comfortable protocols are adhered to.

Telephones; Don’t forget to pull communications back centrally to the office, removing any home diverts in place.

Internet Connectivity; To avoid any delays at the start of your first working day in your new office, ensure that patching is completed and Internet connectivity is tested in advance to help the team get back up and running effectively.

Additional support; Look at how you can be supported through the new working practices, is there are a single contact within the building who can help answer questions, discuss risk assessments or provide additional support to your team.

Update address; Don’t forget to share news of your move with all of your contacts: update e-mail footers, business cards and letterheads with your new contact details.

Create a crib sheet; If a team have been working from home and now returning to a new office environment they may have a list of questions. Pre-empt these in advance with a FAQ sheet.

Redirect post; To ensure that no important letters or deliveries go astray, consider setting up a postal redirection with Royal Mail. Enjoy your new working environment!

For details on safe office hubs across Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey speak to the Arena team on 01202 862444.


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