How Arena Offices nurturing its team benefits clients

How Arena Offices nurturing its team benefits clients

At Arena Offices, we have consistently prioritised our clients and team, which has allowed us to create an award-winning serviced office business.

One way we do this is by continuously investing in our people, ensuring they develop into more senior roles and take on additional responsibilities. Many team members have been with Arena for many years and have advanced through training and development programmes, enabling them to pursue the roles they’ve long aspired to while ensuring our valued clients receive the highest level of service.

By nurturing our team, we help them become the best versions of themselves and retain this talent within the business. This, in turn, ensures that our clients have access to the most knowledgeable, experienced, and proactive people in the serviced office industry.

How do Arena Offices train and nurture its team?

Sharron Domanska (MD) and Fran Williamson (HR) lead in developing and nurturing our talented team and maintaining staff retention through internal growth opportunities, external training, and personal support.

From recruitment onward, employees are closely monitored to identify their strengths and potential, allowing us to tailor development plans to individual aspirations and ensure personal and professional growth.

A fantastic example of a member of staff who has been nurtured since she joined the Arena family is Carys England, who our clients may know as the friendly face at the front of Grosvenor House in Basingstoke.

She joined Arena after college, hoping to build a career she would enjoy and develop – a goal she has achieved through a great deal of hard work. Carys has been with us since November 2016, starting as a Centre Assistant at The Square, Basing View, just as it opened for clients to move in.

Through her determination and success, along with Arena Offices’ commitment to nurturing its staff, she has since progressed to become the Regional Manager of both Grosvenor House and The Square as of October 2023.

By working in different centres and receiving diverse training, Carys met a wide range of clients and learned a broad array of skills. Arena Offices also provided external training, including leadership and sales courses, equipping her with invaluable skills for her role as Regional Manager, where she now manages a team across two centres.

Carys’s extensive skills and experience ensure she can confidently assist clients with any queries. The Arena team acts as an extension of your team, creating the best possible support for your peace of mind.

A culture of appreciation and growth at Arena Offices

At Arena Offices, we celebrate team achievements and promotions both internally and externally, fostering a culture of appreciation. Regular manager meetings provide opportunities for employees to discuss goals and career progression, ensuring they feel valued and satisfied. The directors and managers genuinely care about the staff’s wellbeing and the future, promoting inclusivity and support.

By investing in our team and providing the tools and knowledge they need to excel, Arena retains staff and develops them into highly qualified individuals. This enhances our customer service quality. In 2023, we achieved an 85 per cent retention rate among our 32 employees, highlighting our commitment to development and wellbeing.

Carys said she loves working within the Arena team and is dedicated to building client relationships and ensuring smooth daily operations. She values the diversity of clients and enjoys seeing them succeed. Having a consistent on-site team provides clients with a sense of continuity and reassurance, knowing that familiar faces are always there to support them.

The benefits of having an on-site centre team at your serviced offices 

Having an on-site centre team at Arena enhances business operations by providing essential administrative support such as reception services, mail handling, and encouraging networking among neighbouring businesses. Their presence elevates your office’s professional image and impresses clients and visitors upon arrival.

By managing daily tasks, the centre team enables your employees to focus on core work, thereby increasing productivity. They maintain a clean, comfortable workspace and promptly address facility issues, saving time and costs.

Arena Offices nurtures and empowers employees, creating an environment where they can reach their full potential. This benefits clients by providing them with confident and capable support, allowing their businesses to thrive in a well-managed space.


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