How Arena is prioritising wellness this spring

How Arena is prioritising wellness this spring

Arena Offices is dedicated to fostering not just professional growth but also prioritising wellness in everything that it does. We are proud to shine a spotlight on our initiatives that go beyond the traditional workspace, focusing on mental, physical, and professional wellness.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our current initiatives which aim to improve the wellbeing of our clients, making coming to work a pleasure…

Wellness Mornings

So far in 2024, we have hosted our first valuable wellness workshop designed to prioritise wellness and benefit our clients and members of the wider community. In February, we opened our doors at Grosvenor House in Basing View for a wellness morning which saw Registered Nutritional Practitioner Layla Gordon give an insightful talk on the power of nutrition on mood and productivity. We also welcomed bespoke travel counsellor Ally Case, who spoke to community members about creating the perfect personalised travel experience.

Our free-to-attend wellness mornings are designed to welcome members of the wider community into Arena’s vibrant hubs, connecting people and ultimately prioritising wellness.

Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, Arena is excited to bring more wellbeing-focused events to our clients this spring. We have more workshops, seminars, and sessions planned to elevate the physical and mental health of our clients and the wider community.

On Tuesday 12th March, we are excited to be hosting another complimentary wellness workshop with Financial Coach David Hole. This session, focused on wellbeing and confidence, is designed to give you a framework to build your future and real actions you can take to improve your finances. Book your spot today at and experience the Arena atmosphere at Grosvenor House.

Holistic Design

Beyond speaker events, Arena continues to prioritise the physical workspace for maximum client comfort. Our attention to detail, from air quality to ergonomic design, ensures that stepping into an Arena office is a breath of fresh air. We believe that a stress-free environment contributes to overall wellbeing and enhances professional performance.

As the new season begins, Arena Offices remains steadfast in its commitment to prioritising wellness in everything that it does. Please follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on upcoming events and opportunities.






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