Fresh Fruit with a Conscience at Arena Southampton

To help banish the dreaded winter colds and promote wellbeing in the workplace, Arena Southampton have been offering complimentary fresh fruit at reception for their clients since November. At the beginning of each month a basket brimming with delicious seasonal fruit is placed on the reception desk with clients encouraged to help themselves to healthy snacks during the working day.


The initiative has proved to be very popular with our clients and has the added bonus of supporting a humanitarian cause.  


Whilst our clients have been munching their way through their complimentary fruit, Arena have been supporting the ‘Planting Fruit Trees Campaign’ by choosing Fruitful Office to be their fruit supplier. So far we have helped the campaign to plant six Guava and Papaya trees in Malawi, Africa!


Our Lancaster Court centre in Fareham has also just started to offer complimentary fresh fruit for their clients which will help to plant even more fruit trees, whilst providing a tasty pick-me-up for residents each month. 


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