Create a customised office space with Arena Offices in-house office customisation team

Create a customised office space with Arena Offices in-house office customisation team

With Arena Offices in-house office customisation team, we thought we’d take a look at the design considerations for personalising your office experience, creating a productive and comfortable working environment for your team. With these key considerations in mind, we have created the CGI visuals for a 100-desk space, illustrating how the office can be used with workpods, benches, sofa seating and meeting rooms:

Consider the Layout: Start by analysing the layout of the office space. Determine the flow of movement, natural light sources, and potential areas for different activities. This will help plan the placement of different workstations and collaborative spaces effectively.

Optimise Workstations: Ensure that individual workstations are ergonomic for productivity and wellbeing. Provide adjustable desks and chairs, proper lighting, and organise work tools and equipment in a way that promotes efficiency.

Create Collaborative Zones: Foster teamwork and creativity by considering collaborative zones within the office. Include different types of seating arrangements, such as workpods, benches, and sofa seating, to accommodate different preferences and work styles. These areas can be used for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions, or casual discussions.

Allocate Quiet Areas: Balance collaborative spaces with designated quiet areas where employees can focus on individual tasks without distractions. Consider creating private work booths, soundproof rooms, or quiet corners where employees can work without interruptions.

Add Breakout Areas: Arena Offices provide inviting and comfortable break areas where clients and their teams can relax, socialise, and recharge.

Incorporate Greenery: Integrate plants and greenery into the office space. Plants not only enhance aesthetics but also improve air quality and promote a sense of well-being.

Optimise Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for productivity and well-being. Arena Offices are designed to maximise natural light sources and walls to reflect light.

Branding and Personalisation: Infuse your company’s branding elements and personality into the office design. Display the company logo, mission statement, and values in strategic locations. Creating brand identity and belonging with office space is encouraged at Arena Offices.

Technology Integration: Ensure that the office space is equipped with the necessary technology to support efficient work processes. Arena Offices provide ample power outlets, high-speed internet connections, and can provide easily accessible audio-visual equipment in meeting rooms. We highly invest in all locations to deliver the latest technology.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Design the office space with flexibility in mind to enable changing work dynamics and accommodate future growth. Arena Offices flexible agreements enable clients to upsize or downsize with ease, staying agile and in control.

Arena Offices are committed to delivering office customisation that meets the needs of their clients across their offices to rent in Ferndown, Poole, Fareham, Havant, Southampton, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Camberley and Reading. Let Arena Offices create a customised office space that strongly fosters company culture and enables teams to truly enjoy coming to the office!

For more information or to book a tour of Arena Offices in Farnborough and their flexible office space please visit here.

A 3D render of an office layout.

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