A Client Spotlight on Juice

A Client Spotlight on Juice

Marking our 20th anniversary, we are talking to clients who we’ve helped over the past 20 years.  In this post we are talking to John Paine and Matt Wilson from the company, Juice. Juice is a creative agency who originally moved to Arena Ferndown in 2003, they have since returned to new office space in 2022 after a 14-year break! We are so thrilled to welcome them back.

Could you tell us more about your company?

Juice is a creative agency, providing graphic design, marketing and web services to businesses since 2000 (which never fails to make me feel old!).

What is your professional background?

Ever since leaving school, I’ve worked as a designer in some capacity. I’ve been fortunate enough to do so in the UK, Australia and US – which looking back has proven to be invaluable experience for gaining knowledge in marketing for various industries and a range of advertising techniques.

How long have you been with Arena Business Centres?

Funnily enough, since the very beginning of Juice! We rented one of the first studio spaces in Ferndown when they became available in 2003, and this proved to be an excellent base for us as we went through the ‘embryonic’ phase of agency life. After a brief (14 year) hiatus, we returned in November to Arena Ferndown, as our team has grown to the point where we needed office space that we could make our home for the foreseeable future.

Why did you choose Arena?

It was an easy choice – knowing first hand the office space, level of quality and service that Arena provides, it quickly became our preferred option upon looking for a new office space. We work closely with Arena to support their website and marketing requirements, so have been in regular communication for the last few years, which also made the decision that much more straight-forward!

How does being at Arena help you?

Being at Arena Ferndown helps our business on a number of levels. Firstly, so much is taken care of for us – we no longer need to worry about parking, provisioning for tea/coffee or hiring meeting rooms.  Having the freedom to customise our office space to our liking has enabled us to create a relaxed and positive team environment which is an expression of Juice and its values. To add to that, having an office space where we really are proud to host current or prospective clients has made a huge difference.

For more information on the office space in Ferndown click here.

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