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A ‘Hub and Spoke Model’. The future of Workspaces?

Since the way we work has been turned upside down over the past year a new norm has changed how our working week looks forever. Perhaps most noticeably is the step away from large centralised head offices within central business districts. The pandemic has proven teams can work remotely without the need to be physically all under one roof.

Instead there has been the emergence of a main office ‘hub’ and subsequent offices or workspace ‘spokes’ for teams. This new solution gives the opportunity for employees to work closer to home whilst still within a professional work environment. The hub and spoke model brings a completely flexible hybrid between working from home and working in the office. Companies are now taking stock of the way they use their office space, remote working has proven that whether you are an international corporate or entrepreneur the need to stay agile and flexible has never been more important. The pandemic has caused the re-evaluation of city centre working, expensive real estate locations and immovable fixed leases.

Whilst the benefits to companies are apparent, flexible working has proven to increase productivity, profitability and employees’ work-life balance. The hub-and-spoke model enables businesses to disperse their workforce whilst reducing their fixed real estate obligations. For employees, the benefits of a shorter commute are immeasurable on family time and home life. The lineation of work and home in modern, professional and well-equipped offices make it a pleasure to leave for work. The move towards smaller hubs is a big plus for a company’s environmental responsibility and the ability to reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiencies and shorter commutes.

Recognised is the need as human beings to interact, long hours of no social contact detrimentally impacts employee wellbeing. Corporate obligation to look after mental health means more and more consideration will be given to well-designed workspaces. These workspaces will include collaboration areas and dedicated offices; enabling teams to collaborate over coffee or work quietly at a desk. In essence this is the middle ground between long commutes, tightly occupied offices to working from home alone. A happy workforce, that enjoys coming to work not only increases productivity but reduces sick days whilst enabling companies to attract and retain their best talent.

The hub-and-spoke office model is a catalyst for the next generation of hybrid working where the mutual gains for both company and employee are equal.

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